Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

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Massage Therapy has the best effects. When a person undergoes massage, it makes him completely relaxed mentally and physically. It removes all the pain in the joints and also gives a good relaxation feel for the mind.

1.    Pregnant women should be handled with care. They have different body symptoms and complications, but still massage is one of the most effective methods and thing to be followed for pregnant women. Let us see a few benefits and good effects of practice massage therapy for women during their pregnancy:

2.    Deep Sleep — A massage can provide a good sound sleep to the person during pregnancy. It releases the serotonin, endorphins and dopamine in response to the massage and hence helps in increasing deep sleep. Regular massage therapy helps diminish anxiety and discomfort and boosts relaxation which helps in producing good sleep.

3.    Reduces Muscle Tension — The muscle tension created due to the extra weight of the baby can be eased by the massage therapy. The massage increases the blood flow in the area which releases the tension. It also provides more nutrient-rich oxygen and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid which removes harmful toxins in the body.

4.    Headaches — This is common for all. A good massage can cure headaches by a good massage and relaxing muscles surrounding the head, neck and shoulders. Also, continuous massage therapy and maintaining optimum levels of stress can reduce the chance of migraines. A pregnant woman should be clear of any tension and headaches and massage therapy helps in it.

5.    Fatigue and Cramps — Cramps are very general among pregnant women.  The feeling of leg cramps and fatigue due to extra weight carried by women can be relived through the massage therapy. It reduces the muscle tension and allows the blood flow properly.

6.    Overall Healthy — The body ache in preganant woman is countered by the release of serotonin, which is initiated by massage.  The overall health of the woman can stay healthy post pregnancy also if regular massage is done during it. The feeling of weakness, fatigue, body ache, cramps etc will all go away with the body massage.

Hence, these are some of the benefits of carrying out a body massage during pregnancy. Health should be always the priority as we are in charge of two individuals during pregnancy. If you are looking for pregnancy massage in Vancouver, make sure you always look for a professional who can help you with the best massage therapy in your during your crucial pregnancy days.


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